halter neck

halter neck
halter neck NOUN a style of neckline incorporating a halter.

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  • halter neck — noun A neckline on a dress, etc in the style of a halter • • • Main Entry: ↑halter …   Useful english dictionary

  • halter neck — noun a style of woman s top that is fastened behind the neck, leaving the shoulders, upper back, and arms bare …   English new terms dictionary

  • halter-neck — /ˈhɔltə nɛk/ (say hawltuh nek), /ˈhɒl / (say hol ) noun 1. a neckline of a woman s dress, blouse, etc., which, fastened by thin straps behind the neck, leaves the back and arms bare. 2. the garment itself. –adjective 3. of or relating to a… …   Australian English dictionary

  • halter — I. /ˈhɔltə / (say hawltuh), /ˈhɒltə / (say holtuh) noun 1. a rope or strap with a noose or headstall, for leading or fastening horses or cattle. 2. a rope with a noose for hanging criminals. 3. → halter neck (def. 1). –verb (t) 4. to put a halter …   Australian English dictionary

  • Halter (horse show) — Halter is a term used to describe a type of horse show class where horses are shown in hand, meaning that they are led, not ridden, and are judged on their conformation and suitability as breeding stock. Depending on breed and geographic region,… …   Wikipedia

  • Halter — Hal ter, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Haltered} ( t[ e]rd); p. pr. & vb. n. {Haltering}.] To tie by the neck with a rope, strap, or halter; to put a halter on; to subject to a hangman s halter. A haltered neck. Shak. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • HALTER, MAREK — (1934– ), painter and writer. Halter was born in Warsaw but during World War II was exiled to Uzbekistan. After returning to Poland in 1945, he decided to study art in Paris. After a short period at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, he preferred to study …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • halter — halter1 [hôl′tər] n. [ME < OE hælftre (akin to Ger halfter) < base of helfe (see HELVE): basic sense “that by which something is held”] 1. a) a rope, cord, strap, etc., usually with a headstall, for tying or leading an animal b) a bitless… …   English World dictionary

  • halter — (n.) O.E. hælftre rope for leading a horse, from W.Gmc. *halftra that by which something is held (Cf. O.S. haliftra halter, O.H.G. halftra, M.Du. halfter; see HELVE (Cf. helve)). In women s clothing sense, originally strap attached to the top of… …   Etymology dictionary

  • halter — ► NOUN 1) a rope or strap placed around the head of an animal and used to lead or tether it. 2) archaic a noose for hanging a person. 3) a strap passing behind the neck by which the bodice of a sleeveless dress or top is held in place. ► VERB ▪… …   English terms dictionary